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Tips for Kelowna Bridal Dress shopping

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Preparing for Kelowna  Bridal Dress Shopping

Like most brides, you are probably a little nervous about bridal gown shopping. After all, you are most likely already inundated with questions from your friends and family about when you’re shopping, what you are looking for, and who is going with you. It is really enough to get you so stressed out.

That is why we compiled this simple list of suggestions for you to peruse prior to searching for the perfect Kelowna Bridal Dress Shopping adventure. Here are some of our best tips for bridal dress shopping:

1. Consider Any and All Dresses

You may have your mind set on a particular style of gown, but you shouldn’t narrow down your prospects without trying on something that may be a little out of your comfort zone. If you have your heart set on white, why not try nude, champagne, or ivory? If you want lace, you can still try on a tulle skirt or crepe overlay just to see what it looks like. You may be pleasantly surprised.

2. Maintain a Budget

Set a definite cost that you are willing to spend on a gown. Be sure that this number is reasonable, too, and it won’t break the bank. If you are fortunate enough that your parents are willing to pay for your dress, consider their
means or ask them how much they are willing to shell out. Remember, just because they are being generous, they still have financial limits.

The other good thing about staying on budget is that it will narrow down your choices, keeping you a bit less stressed.

3. Keep the Destination’s Climate in Mind

Long sleeves and puffy, three-layered skirts are certainly not ideal for a Hawaiian beach wedding, and strapless frocks with long slits are not a great choice for a quaint Christmas ceremony in New England.

Instead, plan ahead with warmer fabrics for fall and winter nuptials, or try light silks for mid-summer affairs. If it is really warm, be bold and show some skin!

4. Take your Shoes and Undergarments to your Fitting

Bring along a pair of white or nude-colored panties and a strapless bra. Remember, regardless of whether or not your gown has straps, you won’t want your bra straps visible.

Some experts will tell you to go to the salon braless because many gowns come with built-in support. The thing is, you don’t know if every dress that you’re going to try on has that reinforcement.

It is especially important to wear your bra to your alteration appointment. That way you will know for sure that it will fit under your gown on your special day. However, many stylists will sew cups into a dress when they are doing alterations.

Also, you should bring the heels that you intend to wear on your wedding day with you. This is pertinent because even though salons have heels available, they may not be the exact height you want to wear. Also, the shoes they have on hand may not fit you.

5. Be Careful Who you Bring with you

You will need to be kind of choosy when you select the guests who will be shopping with you. First of all, many bridal salons won’t allow any more than four or five people in a room at a time, and that includes the bride. Accordingly, you must be discriminating about who really needs to attend.

You should always invite any person that is helping to pay for the gown, of course. You should also invite good friends and family that are positive, yet honest. About Cedric, he may be able to help. They won’t be much help to you if they don’t aid you in finding a gown that flatters you. They should also know what styles you like and what you are and are not comfortable with.

6. Don’t Pay Attention to Sizes

Do not worry if your perfectly-sized dress carries a size that is much larger than your everyday streetwear. Wedding dress sizes are much different than clothing sizes and these numbers should be taken with a grain of salt. After all, nearly every bride needs alterations, so the larger-sized dress will need to be tailored and taken in in order to actually fit you anyway.

In conclusion, when it comes to wedding dress shopping in Kelowna, all you really need to do is plan ahead. Simply, take the advice of the many women who have gone through the motions before you, and follow these simple tips to remain stress-free.