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Wedding venue details for Long Island

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Can’t Forget Details Every Wedding Venue Usually Does On Long Island


The wedding dress, the reception, the cake. These are commonly looked over details that wedding couples can forget that will cause stress on wedding day if they are not addressed early! We have compiled a list of a few details that should be address before the day-before the wedding to make sure your perfect day goes along smoothy!

Get Accessories Planned Out

It’s not all about the wedding dress and veil, don’t forget your jewelry, hair pins, and makeup! By having these items chosen well before the wedding day, it will make your getting ready process go by faster! This includes the groom’s accessories too! Make sure he had his entire suit picked along with any earrings or wrist accessories he plans on wearing!











Book a Hotel Room Block

Make sure this is planned out well ahead of time! Wedding venues in Long Island get booked a year in advance. It might be a good idea to reserve an extra room or two just in case an extra person is invited late or groups of people want multiple rooms. By letting your guests know how many rooms are available, as well as the pricing and location of the hotel, lots of stress can be prevented.

Put Yourself in the Guest Count and Allergy List for the Food Order

Couple always are thinking about their guest and their needs, however, at times they forget themselves! Make sure you put yourself in the guest count for how much food is needed so you can eat a feast too!


Have A Backup Plan for Bad Weather

Don’t let the earth ruin your special day! Whether it is a cold front or rain, have a backup plan to make sure that your special day stays perfect! Tell everyone to bring an umbrella for the ceremony if needed to keep those clothes dry and stylish! A way to prepare for the weather is to look at the area’s weather trends in the past to see what the average temperature and weather conditions are at that time of year.












Give the DJ a List of Do-Not-Play Songs!

Every been at a family function and some awful song comes on and either ruins the vibe or just make you roll your eyes? Remember this is your day so everything including the music should be in your control! Make sure the DJ has that list of the must play, but also the must avoid terrible, overplayed songs that grind your gears.




Here at The Inn at New Hyde Park we take pride in making sure every detail of your big night is absolutely perfect. From the moment you start planning with us up until the last person leaves the dance floor, our award-winning staff will be by your side to help you bring your dream to life.


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